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    Barrel racing legend, Martha Josey, has designed – from the tree up – her Ultimate Barrel Saddles to reflect her personal style and preferences to keep you correct, balanced, and in stride with your horse.

    “The Avenger is a unique youth saddle, and is a super confidence builder. The correct saddle for your youth will help develop correct techniques. This saddle is designed for performance, speed, and agility. The Avenger lets the young rider focus on performance, not thinking about staying in the saddle. The center pocket seat helps you keep you in balance.” – Martha Josey

    The Youth Avenger is built with slight modifications to provide the same fit of the 1179 Josey Ultimate Cash but sized for younger barrel racers. With a 1″ taller swell and 4 1/2″ cantle to hold the rider in correct position, keeps horn available, and allows you to stay in stride with the horse. The 3″ forward slanted horn helps to push down into your turn and pull up coming out of the turn and free-swing, forward hung stirrup leathers keeps your feet forward preventing the rider from being thrown forward and off balance. 3-Way Adjustable In-skirt rigging lets you choose which rigging position best suits your horse. Copper Spot border skirts for an eye-catching look with short show billets. Choose from dynamic antique color or rich chocolate as shown. Choose from these seat options: Mint faux gator, pink faux gator, purple faux gator, chocolate suede.

    Available in multiple faux gator seat colors: mint, red, purple, blue  – 12″ seat size.

    Special features: Built for superior fit, comfort and minimal weight for both horse and rider. Aluminum stirrups with rubber treads; rawhide braided horn and silver laced cantle; scalloped roughout seat jockey and fenders for grip; Copper Swirl Conchos with Copper Spot Border. Close contact skirt shape. Faux Gator Seat.

    Every Josey Ultimate is built with these key features:
    Horn: 4” forward slanted horn helps to push down into your turn and pull up coming out of your turn
    Center Pocket Seat: for centering and balance keeps rider in stride with the horse
    Pay Window Swells: keeps rider in correct position to hold the horn and keeps the horn available
    Cantle: keeps you from getting behind the horse’s stride. The seat is dished so you sit in the seat and not on it, allowing you to stay in stride with the horse
    Free Swing, Forward Hung Stirrup Leathers: keeps the feet forward preventing the rider from being thrown forward and off balance
    Stirrups: 3” wide aluminum rubber grip stirrups for comfort and balance
    Rigging: rawhide slots or 3-Way Adjustable
    Ultimate ‘Wood Tree: designed to Josey’s personal style and preferences

    “Quality, Craftsmanship, Style… Demand the best – I do! I’ll only ride in a Circle Y because of the way the saddles fit our horses and help riders from beginner to advanced keep a correct seat.” – Martha Josey

    Martha Josey is a living legend within barrel racing through her competitive accomplishments and also through her highly sought after year-round clinics. She is am 11-Time NFR Qualifier Barrel Racer, NFR World Champion 1980, WPRA and NBHA Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist Barrel Racer, and Clinician.

    Medium: recommended for a horse with a defined wither
    Wide: recommended for a horse with a round, or mutton, wither


    Copper Swirl


    Floral with Copper Spot Border


    3-Way Adjustable In-skirt


    3" Neck, 1 1/2" Cap


    4 1/2"