Ovation® ATS Equalizer Round Raised Fancy Stitch Bridle

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The ATS System provides the ultimate in comfort for your horse, while the 4 point throatlatch keeps the bridle in place and prevents the crown from pushing forward on the ears. The shaped top plate of the crown allows the ears to freely move, reducing the pressure, which eases muscle and nerve tension, and a thin layer of foam provides shock absorption. Crafted from hand finished full grain vegetable-tanned leather with a lustrous classic finish. With Anatomic Shaped Padded Monocrown, 3/4” Round Raised Fancy Stitched Straight Browband, 1 1/4” Round Raised Fancy Stitched Noseband, Equilizer 4-Point Throatlatch System and 5/8” x 54” Raised Fancy Stitched Biothane Reins.

Color:  Dark Brown

Size:  Horse