• Tipperary Equestrian 1038 Competitor II

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    PERFORMANCE: Meets the ASTM Equestrian Standard and SEI Certification (ASTM F2681). The only vest currently on the market that meets this certification. 

    IMPACT ABSORPTION: Super light weight with high density foam generates more powerful protection with superior impact absorption. Available in two different front lengths: Short- Higher cut torso encourages agility hip angle and Long- lengthened front for added rib cage protection. Both sizes have extra foam pieces added for more protection of the shoulders. 

    FIT/ MOBILITY: Innovative foam construction results in kinetic fit that moves and flexes with the riders. Cut for maximum shoulder reach and rotation. Reinforced elastic side closures ensuring a custom fit. 

    VENTILATION: Construction allows for air return circulation and cooling the body in high temperatures. 

    COLOURS: Black Micro Mesh

    SIZES: XS  S,  M,   L,  XL,