Reinsman Western Dee

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#201 – Stage A

⅜” Smooth Sweet Iron Snaffle
5″ Mouth 3″ Rings

This Western Dee is a great choice when you want a more direct signal than you get with a loose ring snaffle. The Dee ring applies pressure to the horse’s cheeks on the opposite side of the face from the rein you pull, allowing for better flexion. Sweet iron naturally rusts into a light patina. The rust creates a sweet taste for the horse, making the bit more acceptable and increasing salivation for a supple mouth. Mullen relief is used on all our snaffle mouthpieces which is a forward curve that creates even pressure across the bars and tongue to eliminate the nutcracker effect.

Are You Riding with Both Hands? Stage A bits are great for starting horses, training, or maintaining steady contact. Aspects include direct reining, non-leverage Loose Rings and Dee Rings with mouthpiece diameters 5/16” and over.