Reinsman Wade

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Perfect cowboy saddle hand made and hand tooled with lifetime warranty on tree. Comes with bucking rolls and flat plate rigging. This saddle is ready for all day riding. Matching flank cinch set is included to keep your saddle secured. 

Correct saddle fit for your performance horse is paramount. Use these general guidelines to hep you decide which tree fit will work best for your horse. We recommend a Regular tree size for a horse with a defined wither, a Wide for a horse with a round, or mutton wither.

Reinsman stands as the elite brand in Performance saddles – all saddles are hand made with top of the line features to create the highest quality product. All Reinsman saddles are fully customizable with options for tooling, seating, cantles, stirrups, finishes and hardware.


3 – Hardseat


45 – 14 1/2", 55 – 15 1/2", 65 – 16 1/2", 40 – 14", 50 – 15", 60 – 16"


Q – Mahogany


04 – Regular, 05 – Wide