Reinsman Sharon Camarillo Draw Gag Bridle with Signature Iron-Wrapped Lifesaver

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Sharon designed this harness leather and braided nylon rope bridle especially for this bit. The draw gag aids in the suppling process at the poll, neck, shoulder and rib area. Simultaneous pressure is applied at the poll and corners of the mouth to aid in proper headset training, while also teaching pressure and release. For experienced riders and not for competition. Over use can cause too much break in the poll. Adjust to natural position, one wrinkle in the corner of the mouth.

Sharon Camarillo’s acclaimed workshops, Performance Horsemanship for Better Barrel Racing, have influenced students all over the world to enjoy the process of developing their equine partner, regardless of the discipline, to their personal potential. Her ability to evaluate, inspire and motivate has made Sharon Camarillo’s instructional books and DVD’s among the best sellers in the industry.

Sharon is a Multi-National Finals Rodeo qualifier, and one of only a few women to have been inducted into both the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame. As an international equine clinician and industry advocate Sharon’s career has encompassed many facets of the equestrian world and western lifestyle.