Reinsman Lifter: Three-Piece Sweet & Sour Dogbone Snaffle

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#432 – Stage C

6″ Cheeks 5 ½” Mouth

Great choice for a horse that likes to lean on the bit. It encourages the horse to give at the poll and lift the shoulders. The lifter is a popular choice to rebalance the horse that likes to lean on the bridle and drop his shoulders in turns. The three-piece ergonomically designed mouthpiece results in even pressure across the tongue and bars, and combined with the Lifter shank, creates more leverage on the corners of the mouth and the lips. Sweet & Sour mouthpiece tastes like a green apple dipped in molasses; the combination of copper and sweet iron are very appealing to the horse, with the added bonus of increased salivation – making for a softer mouth.

Where Neck Reining is a Way of Life! Horses who respond well to poll pressure are in Stage C. Features include a solid mouthpieces and cheek attachment, and swivel cheeks with jointed mouthpieces or low to medium ports.