Reinsman Just Enough

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#355 – Stage B

Three-Piece Sweet & Sour Snaffle with Lifesaver
5 ½” Cheeks 5″ Mouth

Nice transition bit when moving from the ring snaffle to a curb bit. The limited gag action is softer than moving from the ring snaffle directly into a curb bit with swivel or solid cheeks. The three-piece ergonomically designed mouthpiece results in soft and even pressure across the tongue, bars and lips. The sweet and sour combination mouth piece causes increase salivation which leads to a more relaxed jaw and supple mouth.  Start with #355 and move up to #450 if more leverage is desired.

Moving from Direct Reining to Neck Reining? Stage B is all about transition, with the introduction of leverage and curb pressure. Short Shanked bits and Half-Gags comprise Stage B.