• Ovation® Sienna Denim GRIP Full Seat - Ladies'

    $100.00 $90.00

    Front zip breech with GRIP-TEC™ SILICONE seat

    DenimDx™ – Woven mid-weight cotton polyester spandex with a soft stretch for durable comfort and maximum wicking technology to keep you dry and cool 
    • TwinFlex™ – Woven 2-way stretch soft, antistatic, abrasion resistant, smoothing and shaping 
    • RepelTech™ – Antistatic resistant to abrasion and repels hair and dirt 
    • FreshLock™ – Odor resistant and antimicrobial 
    • PrimaUV™ – UPF 30 premium protection against 96% of UVA 

    Material: DenimDx™ – woven mid-weight cotton polyester spandex 
    Fit: Classic – average shape to hip and thigh 
    Rise: Mid – slightly below the navel (+/- 1”) 
    Waistband: Wide 2” 
    Front Pockets: Shaped with copper trim & crystals 
    Back Pockets: Shaped with copper trim & crystals 
    Ankle Type: Shaped stretch spandex 
    Full Seat: Grip-Tec™ silicone

    Color: Dark Denim