Ovation® Tierra Saddle

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Ovation Tierra Jump Saddle offers security over fences in a monoflap style for an ultra close contact feel. Ovation saddles provide you with proven balance and a proven fit for your horse. The XCH changeable gullet system allows you to fit the saddle to multiple horses and Bayflex memory foam panels allow the saddle to mold to any horse's back for a comfortable fit free of pressure and pinching. Soft, covered leather gives the saddle a luxurious, grippy, already broken in feeling that allows you to ride comfortably from day one.

Features of the Tierra Monoflap Jump saddle include:

  • Dark brown, extra grippy covered leather
  • XCH Gullet system (medium plate installed)
  • Bayflex memory foam panels
  • Monoflap for close contact
  • External triangle knee roll for support over fences
  • External fixed thigh block
  • Fancy european stitching details
  • About Bayflex: Bayflex is a type of memory flex polyurethane which has been specifically designed for padding purposes by Bayer. Bayflex is an extremely versatile material that can adjust itself to different pressures and maintain its protection without losing its shape. Because it is a specialty padding, it is able to provide ultimate cushioning without bulk. Bayflex will not bottom out, heat up or cause sore spots on the horses back. The panels will adjust to the horses back providing even contact and pressure and then spring back to their original shape once the saddle is removed, making this an ideal panel system for those who rider multiple horses.

    About the Xchange system: The XCH system allows the rider to modify the width of the tree using any of the Ovation interchangeable gullet plates and a screw driver. The system does not change the integrity or look of the saddle. The strength of the tree is the same, the feel is the same and, like all Pessoa trees, the warranty is the same 100yrs. Gullet plates are available in sizes from narrow to XXX wide.