Snuggit Western Girth

$39.99 $36.00

Easiest Cinch on the Market!

Easy to use double roller buckle makes tightening your girth quick and easy. Unlike a conventional cinch buckle, the two rollers allow the latigo strap to roll freely, giving the rider more leverage. Waffle weave durable PVC neoprene back. Strong nylon web top. Heavy flat stainless steel buckle on off side with heavy stainless steel double roller buckle for easy tightening on near side.

Comes in Black (pictured) or Brown.

Size: 24", 27", 30", 33", or 36".

So Easy to Use: Continue running latigo behind and through the bottom roller. For proper use, the latigo must be run around both rollers. Note: Use the top roller for any additional wraps. Only wrap latigo around the bottom roller once.

  • Pull excess latigo to tighten cinch. Latigo will tighten easily with rollers, so be careful not to over over-tighten. the cinch. Secure the latigo using the buckle tongue, and either tie off the latigo or run excess through the latigo holder.

2013 Best Selling Western Girth