• Pessoa Heritage Pro-Covered Leather with Adjustable Gullet

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    Features AMS MASTER FIT™ conformation-specific synthetic wool flocked panels: Regular, Alto, or Corto options. Alto Panels- built for horses with prominent withers and greater height difference from withers to back. The Alto Panels are deeper at the front and back to offer extra support and clearance over the withers and spine. The addition of a front gusset in the panel gives clearance over the withers with extra padding in the region of the panel that sits just behind the shoulder, offering extra support where the horse often lacks muscle. Corto Panels- designed for a more compact type of horse with a well-developed muscular back. The gusset at the back of the saddle is flatter to fit the contours of the horse's back.

    Colors: Forward, Alto Long, Alto Medium, Forward Long, Alto Forward, Medium, Corto Forward Long, Medium Long Flap, Corto Forward, Alto Forward Long, Corto Long, Corto Medium
    Sizes: 16, 16-1/2, 17, 17-1/2, 18