Circle Y Ohio Reiner Saddle

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2672 Ohio Reiner

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The Ohio Reiner was designed for the competitor who wants to stand out in the show pen. Rich chocolate leather is the perfect background for antique patina conchos and spot accents. Designed by reiners for reiners, the center pocket groundseat will keep the rider in correct position and fenders are hung to allow for forward swing to sit the stop. The leg cut in the skirt allows for precise cueing and skirts are cut slightly shorter than the standard reiner for freedom of movement, and also accommodate smaller or younger horses. Fenders are pre-turned for comfort.

Correct saddle fit for your horse is paramount. Use these general guidelines to hep you decide which tree fit will work best for your horse.  For more detailed information, please view our Saddle Fitting page.
We recommend a Regular tree size for a horse with a defined wither, a Wide for a horse with a round, or mutton wither