Circle Y Baxter Ranch

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Ranchers are hand crafted to withstand the daily demands of ranch work. Matching rear cinch set included. The fiberglass reinforced wood tree has a LIFETIME tree warranty. Hardseat is dished with 4 1/2″ cantle for back support and comfort. Six sets of strings to tie your gear.

Medium: recommended for a horse with a defined wither
Wide: recommended for a horse with a round, or mutton, wither

Seat Sizes: 15”, 15 ½”, 16”, 16 ½”, 17”, 18”
Color: Heavy Oil
Tooling: Basketweave and Barbwire border
Silver: Berry
Rigging: ⅞ Flat Plate with Rear Dee
Horn: 3 ¼” Neck, 2 ½” Cap
Tree: Dakota Fiberglass DURAhide™ Regular and Wide
Skirt: 15” D x 28” L
Swell: 14”
Cantle: 4 ½”
Weight: 40 lbs.




Basketweave and Barbwire border


7/8 Flat Plate with Rear Dee


3 1/4" Neck, 2 1/2 Cap