• Bates Advanta

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    Bates Advanta Eventing Saddle
    The Bates Advanta Eventing saddle is engineered for perfect connection between you and your horse.  With an ultra-sensitive feel of your horse and effortless balance, together you are poised for take-off and prepared for the unexpected.  Sharpen your reflexes and push your boundaries in the new competitive ADVANTAge. A high-performance eventing saddle for ultimate performance ADVANTAge is engineered for perfect connection with a forward cut, mono-flap design.  Eventers will be effortlessly located in the SweetSpot of the seat and prepared for the unexpected.  The ultra-close Synergy panel is low profile with the ultimate protective cushioning and shock absorption of air, resulting in pressure reduction for their horses back and improved bloodflow to their working muscles.  
    • Sweet spot- Effortlessly locates you in a neutral position, poised for take-off in perfect alignment with a seamless ultra-narrow and close contact.  Simply the ultimate jump seat.
    • Synergy Panel- Low profile, stable and close with the ultimate protective cushioning and shock absorption of air, resulting in pressure reduction for you horse and improved blood flow to their muscles.
    • Mono-flap- Ultra-sensitive connection.  The streamlined, yet heavy-duty girth points that run seamlessly through the mono flap, ergonomic shaping of the stirrup bar and channel for your stirrup leathers ensure zero bulk under your leg.  Everything works together to make the saddle disappear and bring your horse into focus.
    • FlexiContour bloc- Patented shape stabilizes without restriction for a stillness in the saddle that has a radical impact on balance for your and your horse when the unexpected happens.  Positioned on a forward cut flap, they can be angled and moved forwards, or backwards and secured to perfectly complement your position..  The rear FlexiContour bloc can be lifted higher or lowered accordingly
    • Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar- The position of your stirrup bar has a profound impact on your natural alignment in the saddle.  Unique shaping reduces any bulk under your leg.  Customize the location of your stirrup bar for precision performance.
    • Luxe Leather- Simply the perfect riding surface with its luxurious and tactile grip. 
    • Easy-Change Fit Solution- Your event horse is an elite athlete.  Whatever their muscling during their work program, after traveling and over the season, your saddle can be customized for your horses comfort at all times.  When your saddle is in balance, your horse is comfortable, free to move naturally, recover quickly and maintain stamina and focus through the most demanding of courses.


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