Circle Y Barton Rancher

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The Barton Rancher is hand crafted to withstand the daily demands of ranch work with a fiberglass reinforced wood tree. The seat is built to be comfortable when you’re spending long hours horseback. Matching rear cinch set included. The 4 1/2″ cantle provides deep seat with moderate back support. Nylon horn wrap, leather tie straps, six sets of strings to tie your gear.

• Fiberglass reinforced wood tree at stress points: swell, base of swell and cantle, and along the bars
• Hand made in Texas with all the quality you expect from Circle Y
• Comfortable seat for all-day comfort
• Matching rear cinch set included

We recommend a Regular tree size for a horse with a defined wither, a Wide for a horse with a round, or mutton wither.


Stainless Antique Berry


1/4 Basket with Border


3" Neck, 3" Cap


13" D x 26" L