Reinsman Offset Dee

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#299 – Stage E

¼” Square Twisted Sweet Iron
Snaffle 5″ Mouth 3″ Rings

This bit is designed to apply pressure to a horse’s lip on the off rein side for better flex. The cheek connection is designed not to pinch. This mouthpiece will tender up the lips and bars to add control. Excellent for a horse lugging on the bit.  Sweet iron naturally rusts into a light patina. The rust creates a sweet taste for the horse and makes the bit more acceptable and increases salivation for a supple mouth. Mullen relief is used on all our snaffle mouthpieces which is a forward curve that creates even pressure across the bars and tongue to eliminate the nutcracker effect.

Call in the Specialist! When your horse enters Stage E – he’s asking for some time with the Pros. Here tiny twists, very high ports, and highly complex mouthpieces are key components.

• Further enhance the smoothness of the independent cheek movement allowing for more precise cues
• Eliminate the cheek connection from pinching the horse’s lips
• Smooths the movement of the cheek piece for better feel and performance