Reinsman Van Hargis Transition Series #5

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276: Van Hargis Transition Series #5
1/2″ Sweet Iron High Port
8″ Swivel 5″ Mouth
Stage D

The Van Hargis Transition Series is incredibly effective and is simplicity at its finest.  From the Van Hargis Offset D-Ring Snaffle to the Van Hargis Solid Cheek Curb bit, the key is keeping as many things as familiar as possible to the horse while gradually progressing to ultimate performance; step by step and bit by bit. Each bit further refines communication and prepares the horse for the next step of performance until the ultimate in communication and performance is achieved. This is a system of champions for champions.

This medium high port bit is very useful in the training process. Still on a swivel shank, it affords a horse a slight amount of pre-signal before the bit actually signals the horse. The higher port first offers a lot of tongue relief although the port can apply palate pressure to the horse that does not yet have a good headset. The solid mouthpiece stabilizes the shoulders and is the final prep bit before transitioning into a “full bridle”. Sweet iron naturally rusts into a light patina. The rust creates a sweet taste for the horse and makes the bit more acceptable and increases salivation for a supple mouth.

Are We Talking or Whispering? Stage D is about refinement, subtle cues and quick communication. Characteristics include increased leverage, more sophisticated mouthpieces, and may also incorporate higher ports.

Van Hargis is a horseman with a message. He is one of today’s most versatile horsemen, a designation that reflects a lifetime devoted to learning-and communicating-the elements of superior horsemanship as applied in a variety of disciplines.